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How do I see Ambiguity of “solution”

This is one of my post on my late blog,

1. “Solution” for most¬†people is the term when there’s a way for the problems to be solved.


2. “Solution” for pharmacy student is a molecular dispersion which is the solute solubles completely to the solvent. The molecules between solute and solvent bind each other.

I don’t know why parmacist or the scientist named it “solution”. Maybe, my assumption, that’s because the “solut”es and the solv”ent” became solutent and then became solution. Hehe.

But, by the way, we can connect the 1st and 2nd meaning of the solution.

We could say that “solution” as a resolve happen when our problems (solutes) solubles completely, interact and bind each other, to our life (solvent). Our problems interact and get along to our life in ever molecules of our life. In another words, our life FACE the problems with no declination.

Because when it declines, it will become “suspension” as my meaning, suspended.