Condolences for what happened in Nepal. Earthquake. Great Earthquake.

Though this world really would be in an end.

Islam warned the moslem about life. How people struggle in this life, they should realize that this worldly life is just temporary and hereafter is eternal. That’s why, moslem should put their heart at ease.

Me too. This stupidity of life always got me drown and then being pathetic over and over again. But… after I read or listen to quran again, remember islamic lesson again, My doubt and uncertainty go away. How amazing.

Human is weak. Even The strongest human in this world is weak. They are fragile. And Allah, ‘azza wa jalla, the strength is, no question, Greatest Powerful with no weak.

That’s why moslem rely on Allah’s strength. In every condition. Even for open eyes in the morning.

There’s no power and strength except Allah helps in those.


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